Building Department

Permit Applications and Permit Issuance

P.O. Box 789

Atlanta, Michigan 49709


Building Inspector--Joe Stone 989-785-8006

Electrical Inspector--Frank Rosinski--989-356-2908 (Call between 8-9 A.M. for Information)

Mechanical Inspector--Bruce Tillinger--989-785-8006

Plumbing Inspector--Bruce Tillinger--989-785-8006



Building Permits--How to Obtain

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Building Department Inspection:

Permit Holder Responsibilities

Certificate of Occupancy

Demolition Permit Fee

Garage and Out Buildings

General Building Information

General Code Information

Inspection Schedule

Mobile and Modular Homes


Township Zoning Officials

County Offices

Montmorency County has adopted and enforces the Michigan State Construction Code, Michigan Residential Code, and Michigan Building Code.

Permit applications are available at the link below or at the County Building Inspector's Department in the Montmorency Courthouse in Atlanta.

The permit is your responsibility or your contractor's. Rough inspections (of foundation) must be made before rough building inspections can be made.

The Mission of the Building Department of the County of Montmorency is to provide the highest quality Public Service.
Ever mindful of our duty to protect the Public's life, health and welfare in the Built Environment, we are committed, at the same time,
to providing a business friendly atmosphere to our customers.

We are dedicated to providing qualified field inspections, convenient and easily accessible information and services, and accurate record-keeping.
We believe that our "One-Stop Shopping" concept and automated services add even more to our ability to respond in a timely fashion to requests
for service. While keeping in mind each division's specific focus on part of the Building process, The Building Department is committed to working
as a team, uniting with other County Departments to accomplish our goal of protecting and serving the citizens of The County of Montmorency.



Updated 1/17/20