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GIS (Geographic Information System)

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Purpose of GIS:

The Montmorency County Geographic Information System (GIS) personnel, under the general guidance of the Equalization Director, maintains the county tax map system, the county property description record files, and the permanent parcel numbering system for the approximately 20,000 parcels of real and personal property in Montmorency County. On the average the GIS Department performs all property splits and combinations and reviews thousands documents per year. This is done to maintain the integrity of the permanent parcel numbering system and to ensure that all taxable lands within Montmorency County are assessed.
GIS Defined
A Geographic Information System (GIS) combines the visual elements and features on a map with the ability to link characteristics about these features in databases. This relationship provides a means for GIS to locate, display, analyze, and model information. Generally, databases only tell us what descriptive information exists about an item. GIS expands our ability to depict where things occur and help us infer why and how these things occur during an analysis. GIS applications enhance a government's capability to deliver mandated services. A few examples include, accurate property valuation/assessment, protecting public health through emergency service responders (911) locating residents, maintaining safe transportation systems, tracking development to plan for expansion(s) of public resources and sustaining the quality of our natural resources.
GIS Applications
The Montmorency County Equalization Department initiated the conversion of its hand drawn, paper tax maps to a digital format in 2009. That effort is an ongoing and lengthy process. Throughout the year the Department creates multiple layers from information gathered by local units of government and other outside agencies. The road layer for our base maps was established using the Global Positioning System (GPS) provided by Northeast Michigan Council of Governments. The GIS Department works in collecting data interdepartmentally and from outside agencies to form some of the following map layers:

Digital Ortho Photo (aerial) Maps
Commissioner District Maps
Zip Code Maps
Public/quasi Public Land Maps
School District Maps
Sectional Tax Maps
Soils Maps
Zoning Maps
Individual Parcel Maps

GIS Mapping Price List: The following price list is not all inclusive. For custom mapping, please contact the GIS personnel. Some custom maps will require a setup fee of $20 per hour.

(in inches)


8½ x 11


11 x 17


Aerial Maps
8 ½ x 11              $12.00
11 x 17                $18.00
*Quantity Discount Available

Please expect a minimum of 3 day lead time for a map to be ready for pickup. Because of the quality of the maps, they cannot be faxed.

In addition to the above a DIGITAL BASE LAYER is available for $3,500. (That layer includes: parcels, roads, lake & streams)

Computer-generated Maps With or Without Aerials:


aerial woaerial


PARCEL INFORMATION: Click Here. Research parcel information, Geospatial Information and other County records through the Montmorency County online web service

GIS MAPPING INFORMATION: Accessible through Equalization Department. Available Maps: County, Sections, Townships and Parcels.


Updated 1/24/20