Treasurers Office


Cheri Eggett, Montmorency County Treasurer

Connie Brandt, Chief Deputy Treasurer

Kathi Edwards, Deputy Treasurer

The Treasurer is an elected official serving a four-year term and serves all residents of Montmorency County.
Our mission is to provide accurate and pertinent information by listening to the questions and determining
the needs of the Montmorency County taxpayers.

Montmorency County Treasurer's Office
12265 M-32
~ P.O. Box 789
Atlanta, MI 49709

Phone: (989) 785-8086 ~ Fax: (989) 785-8087

Hours: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday

In accordance with MCL211.78t those who hold title or equity interest in property at the time of foreclosure may file to claim surplus proceeds, if any are available. 
Surplus proceeds would be associated with parcels which sell for more than the owing delinquency. Claiming potential proceeds begins with filing the form below.
You must file Form 5743 by the July 1 immediately following the effective date of the foreclosure. Form 5744 Notice to Claimant to File Motion with the Circuit Court will be sent to claimant by the Montmorency County Treasurer by January 31 following the foreclosure auctions.  The claimant may then file a motion with the circuit court between February 1 and May 15, following the notice from the Montmorency County Treasurer. 
The Court will then set a hearing date and time to determine claim payment.

Notice of Intention to Claim Interest in Foreclosure Sales Proceeds


The principal duties of the office are as follows:

Collection of delinquent property taxes

Custodian of county funds and investments

Conducts a public land auction on foreclosed parcels that have taxes older than two (2) years

Certify warranty deeds and land divisions.

Records the sale of dog licenses

General Property Tax Act 206 of 1893

Some of the other duties of the County Treasurer's office include preparing and mailing tax delinquent notices, issuance of tax histories and searches as requested by lending organizations and individuals. Board of Reviews, Reconciliations and preparations for audits. Enter March and December.


Summer tax bills are issued on July 1st and are payable to your Township Treasurer through September 14th without penalty.
The township collects the taxes from September 15th through February 28th with interest.

Winter Tax bills are issued on December 1st and are payable to your Township Treasurer through February 14th without penalty.
The township collects the taxes from February 15th through February 28th with penalties.

If you have not paid your taxes within those dates, all Township Treasurers turn their delinquent properties over to the County Treasurer on March 1st, in which fees and penalties will be added to every delinquent bill - - with no exceptions. The County Treasurer accepts partial payments on all delinquent taxes. The credit card company charges a 3% convenience fee for payments made via credit card. Taxes are returned delinquent to the County Treasurer on March 1st each year.

Dog Licenses can be purchased from the County Treasurer or Township Treasurer:

Dog License Fees follow:

December 1st - February 28th
Un-sexed Dogs ~ $8.00
Female ~ $10.00
Male ~ $10.00

March 1st and after, fees double:
Un-sexed Dogs ~ $16.00
Female ~ $20.00
Male ~ $20.00

If the license is purchased outside the December - February time frame, it can only be obtained from the
County Treasurer's Office, upon verification of a valid rabies certificate.

Tax Certifications $5.00

We sell Plat Books on behalf of Montmorency County Soil Conservation. Please call for a current price.

Tax History Search . $.25 per description per year



Updated 3/12/21